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Forest Voice, Inc. is a multi member Wisconsin Nonstock Company in the Town of Forest, WI.

We are an organized group of residents in the Town of Forest, WI. Our goal is to create community awareness about the realities of wind development.

Forest Town Board Members signed a resolution on August 12th, 2010 to proceed with a wind turbine project that will impact the 600 residents of Forest Township for our generation and generations to come. No public hearing was held. Laws created by the resolution will financially benefit the few hosting landowners who have agreed to lease their land to Emerging Energies. Yet all residents of Forest will face issues that could potentially cripple quality of life and impact property values.

At least thirty-seven 495-foot high turbines, (think 50 story height buildings, the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis is 447 feet) are planned. We believe negative factors far outweigh the positive factors and will impact humans, livestock, wildlife and pets. Based on documented studies, they include:

Health issues - electomagnetic fields, low frequency emissions and vibrations resulting in headaches, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, tinnitus, sleep disturbances, stress, lowered milk production in cattle, decreased wildlife presence and discomfort that could be evident in our pets.

Safety issues - stray voltage, firehazards, ice throw, blade fragmentation, gearbox problems and increased lightning strikes.

Nuisance issues - night-time strobe and daytime flicker effects, noise levels beyond acceptable dBA levels, and the changing of the horizon of the landscape of our township.

Communication issues - interference with radio, television, phone, Internet and possible weather/radar monitoring devices.

Property devaluation - can be expected to the tune of 12%-40% based on the proximity of a wind turbine to a property, including hosting landowners' properties.