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Help stop industrial wind energy development in St. Croix County

Forest Voice members and supporters have researched industrial wind energy projects for more than two years. We know what happens when these skyscraper height turbines are sited too close to homes and farmyards. The affects of mechanical and aerodynamic sound, both audible and at infra-sound levels, result in sleep deprivation, ear pressure and pain, tinnitus, nausea, vertigo, headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. Consider the sound a low-flying jet engine makes or the sound and pressure effects of trunk speakers in a "boom-box" vehicle. As the 300-foot plus radius of wind turbine blades sweep past the turbine tower, moving at 150 miles per hour or more, one can get a good sense of the sounds industrial wind turbines create. Electrical pollution or "stray voltage" is an additional problem. Thousands of people living in rural areas throughout the world have been forced to live with the negative health consequences of industrial wind turbines, along with nonparticipating property devaluation and a unaffordable tax subsidy drain adding billions to our national debt.

Industrial wind turbines are not "windmills." However, industrial wind turbines are based on the old-fashioned form of energy, with no better results than their antique predecessors. Turbines are an ineffective form of renewable energy producing electricity well below its rated capacity and works only when the wind blows. No coal- or natural gas-fired power plant has ever been replaced by wind energy; in fact, traditional power plants are necessary to ramp up and down to accommodate intermittent wind. Experts believe wind energy has little to no effect on reducing greenhouse gases. Yet millions of acres of agricultural and rural land continue to be yoked by wind developers for tax benefits, grants, and depreciation taking land from nonparticipating and unwilling landowners by de facto eminent domain. Wind energy development is corporate welfare at its worst, and nothing more than a tax subsidy gravy train.

Join us on October 9, 2012 as we travel to the technical hearing at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission building in Madison, WI for the proposed 41-tower 500-foot tall industrial turbine Highland Wind project. The Forest Voice, citizens for responsible renewable energy, its supporters, and friends will attend the hearing to show opposition in the Town of Forest and St. Croix County in the taking of our constitutional property rights, quality of life, and tax dollars. Round trip cost: $30.00. Motor coach will depart Forest, WI (Co. Road D and Hwy. 64) at 4:30 a.m. on 10/09/12. Expected arrival home by 9:00 p.m. Email info@theforestvoice.org for sign up information. A Forest Voice representative will contact you to save your seat on the bus.